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Why should I buy an American flag from Dewgro?

- Ultimately, by purchasing your American flag from Dewgro you will receive an American made American flag of the highest quality. Additionally, you will be supporting a small Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Business, as well as supporting American workers who produce the materials, hand sew and construct these flags.

Why should I trust Dewgro with my flag purchase?

-  Valley Forge Flags are the same flags that are flown at the military installation I formerly commanded. As the Garrison Commander of Camp Smith Training Site, I was personally involved in the selection and purchase of the flags we utilized. There is one U.S. Flag, the National Colors, flown at a military installation and it sets the environment for our Soldiers. It represents the reason we are there and why we serve and it was critical to me that this flag be flawless in its appearance.

- Allegiance Flag Supply produces the highest quality home use flags available. This is the flag that I fly at my own home. I can attest to the superior construction of the flag as well as the components of the flag pole, anti-tangle spinners, mini carabiners and bracket. You will not be disappointed with your purchase; if you are, we will make it right.

How are these flags different?

- Allegiance flags are individually sewn  not mass produced  and include a one-of-a-kind, sturdy, mold-resistant grommet strip, double needle lock-stitching — so if one stitch breaks, the flag won’t unravel — and stress points reinforced with bar tacking to enhance the stability of the flag. Furthermore the flag sets come with the highest-quality, American-made flag accessories, including flagpoles made of Vermont white ash, anodized aluminum flagpole spinner rings and cast-aluminum mounting brackets.

Do you offer any discounts?

- You can email us at customerservice@dewgro.com to discuss pricing options. Or subscribe to receive information on specials and updates.

Orders for delivery to an APO

Order to be shipped to an APO must be done via USPS. Email us at sales@dewgro.com for a shipping quote.

Where can I see more reviews of these flags?

- All Allegiance American flags sold by Dewgro are manufactured by Allegiance Flag Supply. They have received thousands of reviews of their flags. You can see these reviews and testimonials on their website here.

What military regulations govern flags?

Valley Forge Flag Catalog

Have additional questions?

- email us at customerservice@dewgro.com or here.

Lieutenant Colonel retired Michael Gieraltowski, Owner, Dewgro LLC