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Allegiance Flag Supply

Allegiance Flag Supply

American-Made, American-Sourced

These are the HIGHEST QUALITY and MOST DURABLE flags you can buy.

 Allegiance Flags are individually sewn by American seamstresses — not mass produced

 Manufactured with a one-of-a-kind, sturdy, mold-resistant grommet strip

 Sewn with double needle lock-stitching — so if one stitch breaks, the flag won’t unravel

 Stress points are reinforced with bar tacking to enhance the stability of the flag

For most of us, it is hard to put into words all the emotions that well up when we see the American flag flown. The meanings run deep, and this is why I have chosen to partner with Allegiance Flag Supply Company, their values and standards mirror my own. I am proud to fly an Allegiance American flag and I think you will be as well – Michael